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Drones For Good: Projects From Around the World on How Drones ...

Drones For Good: Projects From Around the World on ...

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Don't Trash Your Old Phone: It's Worth Something

VideoApple just launched iPad Air 2.  Six weeks ago, it debuted its sleek, oddly-bendable iPhone 6.  According to some estimates, Apple has already sold over 20 million units of them. So what will happen to all the other working iPhone 5s and iPad Airs?  They’ll meet a hammer, a trash...

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Is School Overrated? High School "Dropout" Makes Affordable 3D Printer

If you want a reason to opt out of school, you’re not alone.  And Angad Daryani might just be the inspiration you were looking for. Daryani, a 16-year-old Mumbaiker, quit school in the 9th grade, frustrated by rote learning.  Soon after, he built India’s first 3D printer (and possibly the...

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Does India Need Its Own 'Impact' Investors?

The sun has appeared in Delhi.  The “fog,” that clogs Delhi mornings in the winter, or as locals joke, less fog, more smog, has gone for a hiatus today.  Perhaps in celebration of the “do-gooders” who are gathering to discuss the challenges of investing in India. About 100 venture capitalists,...

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Uber for The Common Man

A novel ride-sharing service brings some order to the chaotic world of India's auto-rickshaws....

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Code Debugs The Gender Gap In Tech

VideoThe White House recently appointed Megan Smith of Google  as Chief Technology Officer. So, it’s hard to make a case that women are not represented in technology, jokes Jocelyn Goldfein, former director of Engineering at Facebook. Yet, there is clearly a shortage of women in technology companies.  This summer, Google and...

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Lessons In Healthcare From 20,000 Feet: Bhutan's Solution To Eye Care

In Bhutan, there are only eight ophthalmologists. With a population of roughly 750,000, that’s about 90,000 patients for each....

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Should It Be A Law?

India is the first country to have corporate social responsibility (CSR) legislation, mandating that companies give 2% of their net profits to charitable causes. Innovative?  Perhaps on a policy level.  But some small-medium size enterprises within India have already embedded social impact into their company ethos. The new CSR law...

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How Travel Can Do Good: Hospitality and Heritage

The art of small-scale preservation is on the rise in the world’s boutique hotels. England has been long-known for its bed-and-breakfast culture, a tradition that transpired out of single rooms in family residences let out to travelers.  They were a hit or miss.  Some cozy and charming, others grungy, and...

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Farm-To-Closet: New York's Latest Fashion Startup Goes Old School

One-year-old startup, Zady.com is rethinking the way clothes are produced, spending more time on the farm, less time in the shop....

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Outernet: Beaming Information To The World's Four Billion Who Are Offline

Facebook wants to put a fleet of drones in the sky to connect the offline world to online.  Google’s long been working at its solution: project Loon, using helium balloons to provide access to the Internet.  Tesla's Elon Musk announced this year that he too is getting into the game,...

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Tech's Next Challenge In Global Health: Tools, Not Apps

Apps are not always enough. Health apps are growing by the day.  But, beyond apps, we need diagnostic tools that are easy, portable, and reliable, according to PATH, the Seattle-based non-profit working on global health challenges. Anurag Mairal, who runs the technology solutions team at PATH, says, “Vaccines and drugs and...

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Bite-Size Payments Go Global: Solar's Next Challenge

d.light sells solar devices to over 60 countries.  They claim they’ve impacted 36 million lives with 6 million d.light units.  Hefty numbers.  But that’s not enough.  Now, they’re going for universal access to energy. To give everyone light, interestingly, doesn’t mean just more lanterns and LEDs.  Rather, success lies in...

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Impact Investing: Not Just For Billionaires

Judith Rodin, president of Rockefeller Foundation, is taking risks with philanthropic capital, risks she says have the potential for bigger impact long term....

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Indian Entrepreneur Taps into a Global Offline Market

Some companies see value in spilling the beans.  That is, sharing their secrets. Earlier this year, Tesla announced that it would open up its blueprints, enabling innovators across the world to see the design behind their famous electric car. Deepak Ravindran, a young entrepreneur, and founder of Innoz, an offline...