I'm a solutions journalist.

I write about social innovation, technology, development, global issues, and much more. I've written for New York Times, Forbes, Guardian, Economist, and more.

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The Atlantic

India Celebrates 3 Years Without Polio

The country's milestone offers hope for eradicating the disease and promoting other health efforts...

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The Atlantic

The Only Polio Ward in India

Providing free corrective care to those disabled by the virus...

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The Atlantic

Eradicating Polio in India: Portraits

Public health workers have taken on the mission of vaccinating 170 million children under the age of five....

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The Atlantic

How to Foster Low-Tech Health Innovation

A Seattle non-profit's model for uniting public health and the private sector, and what they've come up with...

Indian 20carpets 208 article
The Atlantic

Photos: The Rug Weavers of India

A new type of social venture allows rural artisans to make rugs at home for export to foreign markets....

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The Atlantic

Images of India Beating Polio: Two Years Without a New Case

Scenes from the historic vaccination movement...

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The Atlantic

The Body Collectors of the Ebola Epidemic

For the Liberian health workers tasked with removing the bodies of victims, avoiding infection was just one of many challenges....